Our First Artist in Residence: Mankwe Ndosi!

Spirit, Sense and Everyday Abundance

The Inaugural Artist Residency with Vocalist / Composer / Cultural Worker Mankwe Ndosi

Wednesday, September 26 - Friday September 28: Song, Story and Sense Workshop 6 - 8 pm 
$45 pre-registration for all three days. $20 / night walk-in

Join us for a workshop experience of deep listening, song and story about everyday abundance in our lives. We will sound & sing together, connecting deeply with our senses and with the stories that emerge from them. We will use theater, musical games, and free writing to craft pieces to share at Friday’s Potluck Performance. Recognizing that essential and vibrant life comes through song & creative expression, this session will awaken our deep senses and joy in the everyday life. Participants will leave with deepened listening skills, insights into making their own new creative work and a refreshed awareness of and connection to the simple beauty in our lives. Please bring something from your everyday life that is meaningful / inspirational to you. Space is Limited...please RSVP at: mankwendosi@gmail.com

Friday, September 28: Performance & Conversation 8pm $6
Mankwe will share music from her album Science and Spirit. Mankwe has been touring the Midwest engaging in art and dialogue events with people working in food sovereignty, social, economic, racial and restorative justice movements. ‘Science and Spirit’ brings songs as prayers for our needed transformations - both inside and out.

Sunday, September 30th - Cahokia Mounds Creative exploration - What the earth is asking us - FREE!

Monday, October 1 7pm - Open Mic / Conversation - How do we build a village in the city?

About Ms. Ndosi

Ms. Mankwe Ndosi has been working in the Twin Cities and Chicago for more than 15 years as a musicmaker, performer, educator and culture weaver focused on sound, story, and expanding the vocabulary of singing. She collaborates with organizers, musicians, gardeners, farmers, dancers, MC's, visual artists, theater producers, and educators. Ms. Ndosi received her B.S. in Social Studies from Harvard/Radcliffe, and uses her social science background to inform her art. She seeks to infuse creative practice back into the worlds of healing, sustainable economic development, education, and new village community building.

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