Constance's Story

Constance is a monster created by a magnificent artist Jill Foote-Hutton. In collaboration, the young ladies of GirlsCreate are creating an environment and voice for Constance. Through the process, the young ladies have began a fictive story for Constance and wrote her letters that the artist will be recieving soon.

...In the words of the GirlsCreate, young ladies.

"Constance lives in a neighborhood where other creatures can talk and other monsters can run. At her house she has flowers: daffodils, roses and lilies. Crystals are hanging from the walls and ceiling. She sleeps on a floating cloud in her bedroom. Her home smells like vanilla & chocolate icecream.

When Constance woke up she realized she was different.

Constance has a friend named Star. Star comes to play with her & they play handgames, fastly clapping, grinning & sharing. A new friend Olivia knocks on the door. Olivia gives Constance a pet dolphin in a 10 ft. aquarium, filled with water, balls and krill."

Read how Constance's determination will appear in chapter two of Constance's story next week. We will be posting images of the installation the young ladies are simultaneously working on, too!

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