Chinyere & Dail are going to be great Urban Bush Women (Community Leaders)

We are excited to share that both Chinyere and Dail are accomplishing things and taking names again!
This time we have been accepted to a dynamic summer leadership intstitute!

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are packing up the mini artists A & A, a dynamic assistant, and are being housed by a gracious person who has opened up their home. However, we still need assistance for the difference between our partial scholarships and travel!

There are 3 ways to HELP:

-Donate now on our blog, our paypal button is on the right hand side! We would love for you to give a dollar or more!

-Enter our contests: Button Designs and Collage Contest. Each entry is $2.00 and the winners will be determined by popular vote at our:

Farewell Bash July 15th! We will have drinks, food, and great music! 7-10pm $10 at the door!

We hope that our participation in the Summer Leadership Institute will forge an even stronger relationship between our New Orleans creatives and St. Louis community artists. We also plan to hold a debrief at Gya to share our experience!
Our growth is the Community's Growth!!!

For more about the Urban Bush Women's Summer Leadership Institute visit: www.urbanbushwomen.org
This 10-day intensive serves as the foundation for all of the company’s community engagement activities, and its learning is infused with UBW’s artistic process. Ultimately the Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) connects dance professionals and community-based artists in a learning experience to leverage the arts as a vehicle for social activism and civic engagement and to strengthen the national network of community arts practitioners. The SLI was born out of UBW’s first community engagement project in New Orleans in 1990, an artistic collaboration with community-based organizations to create an organized structure to support and assist in the development of community.

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