About Us

Yeyo Arts is located at 2907 S. Jefferson Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118

Gallery Hours

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday   1-4pm
Saturday   10am-7pm

Collective Meetings are on the third Sunday of the month from 2-4pm and are also a potluck!

About the Creatives:
Dail Chambers (founder/current member) is a community based artist and craftswoman. She shares various tasks including programming and outreach for Yeyo! She is a full-time single mother and entrepreneur who has lived in St. Louis, Pearl City Hawaii, Memphis and Albany, Ga. Check out her exhibitions lists and other arts events on her blogs. She is the founding artistic organizer.

Jean Brantley(VP & past/founding collective member) is a well ranged visual artist and craftswoman. She brings so much insight and experience to our group. Jean has lived from coast to coast: New York to L.A and then back to the midwest. We welcome her talents! She handles many functions within Yeyo and has a great knack at all she touches. She is our fine craft shop organizer.

Fannta Drummer (past/founding collective member) is a Design Artist from St. Louis. She has various talents ranging from visual art to her Organic Fruit Tarts. In all of her creations she attempts to make each sharing of her work an unforgettable experience. Yeyo is excited to have her Tarts. She is our in house designer and design consultant. She is a visual artist and she is a single mother entrepreneur. We appreciate her creative vision. She is our in-house design specialist.

Chinyere E. Oteh (current member) is a mother, educator, artist and organizer. She brings years of experience in tutoring, directing youth development programs for children, and teaching photography and creative writing. Chinyere founded The Cowry Collective, a local time bank, in 2009 and is dedicated to sharing information about the benefits of bartering. She is also a 2007 graduate of the Community Arts Training Fellowship. Chinyere is our Programs and Events Coordinator.

Andrea "Karizma" Hughes (current member) was born in St. Louis. As described in 6 words or less: 'Born an artist, drew upon life." Artistic works include mostly portraits in oil or acrylic paints, collage and crafts of various materials. Her scratchboards have been displayed in St. Louis University Art Gallery, Forest Park Community College, and numerous arts festivals. Andrea is the Vice-President of Zuka Arts Guild, a group of Black artists sharing artistic skills with one another and the community. Andrea is the newest member of YeYo Arts Collective and serves as our Cooperative Coordinator.

Known as Tumpe or Mama Nia Nah (current member), she served for over a decade as a Mwalimu (classroom teacher) and registrar of African-Centered Holistic Independent elementary schools—specifically, Frederick Douglass Institute and Ptah Academy. She has also served as a teacher’s assistant to Professor Sanyika Anwisye of Washington University in St. Louis. She has acted as the convener of The Missouri/ Southern Illinois Council of Independent Black Institutions (CIBI) and served as a member of the Ndundu (governing body). Tumpe is also the founder of Tumpe Ministry Elementary School and Zoe Christian Academy Home School High. She is currently a member of a coordination team for an education campaign sponsored by the Greater East St. Louis Chamber of Commerce.

For many years she fundraised for the United Black Fund of Metropolitan St. Louis. She has also spent considerable time as the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of the Clifford Wilson Service Center, a community service agency. Along with Lula Stallings and Donald Muhammand she is a founder of the Clifford Wilson Saturday Freedom School.

simiya is a visual artist, teacher, clothing and jewelry maker from inglewood, ca. she received her bfa in sculpture from webster university in st. louis in may 2010. as an artist, her work, primarily manifesting itself in the form of sculpture, installation and drawing, leans heavily towards an exploration of our relationships with nature. she exploits the perceived notions of fragility and delicacy in regards to a permanent, industrial materials such as porcelain, threads and paper and comparing and contrasting these ideas with the reality of our fragile ecosystems and our connections {or a lack of} to living beings other than ourselves.

simiya has worked with children of all ages and backgrounds through work as a teaching artist in a variety of St. Louis institutions and has exhibited her art work on the local and national level.

Leadership Team and Board of Directors:
Dail Chambers
Regina MartinezPresident
Amanda Colon-Smith, Secretary
Umeme Houston, Treasurer

Past Supporting Members
Thank you to our Supporting Members!

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