A Mini Residency for Group Centered Leadership in the Arts

Here's the Application:


Group Centered Leadership is an organizing model that encourages individual growth and empowerment as a way to affect positive social change. Small group art projects cultivate leadership development.

Women with children, head of households and emerging artist are a diverse representation of the public. By focusing on this portion of our population, it inherently creates an inclusive environment of intergenerational and cross cultural expression. Familial responsibilities, career support and limited access to a support network,create barriers in artists lives. We identify all participants of our programs as artists.

Artists will create a culminating project in response to their experience. Participants are asked to: Present their creative vision, participate in workshop schedule, and create a culminating art project.

“The most common way people give up their power, is by thinking they don’t have any.”
                                -Alice Walker

Let’s Get Started!

There are 4 workshops at Yeyo Arts every other Sunday. 

April 5 & 19, 2-5pm
May 3 & 17, 2-5pm

culminating event on June 7 Time TBD by the group.
Yeyo Arts Collective will introduce supportive knowledge, organizational exercises and a network to artists. Artists will discuss the social change work of Ella Baker, participate in large group exercises, and develop a plan of social change that involves their artistic endeavor or goal. Other topics will include self esteem, speaking in front of an audience and goal setting.




Do you have a project? Tell us about it. 

Why are you interested in the program?

What do you hope to learn/gain?

What do you hope to contribute?

Tell us about an experience where you worked towards a tangible outcome within a group. Did you achieve that goal?

How are you responsible for the care or livelihood of others? 

How does your artwork relate to social justice topics?

Thank you for your time. You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt. Notices of acceptance are to be sent out by March 31st.
RETURN to yeyoarts@gmail.com or our gallery!

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