Welcome Simiya

simiya is a visual artist, teacher, clothing and jewelry maker from inglewood, ca. she received her bfa in sculpture from webster university in st. louis in may 2010. as an artist, her work, primarily manifesting itself in the form of sculpture, installation and drawing, leans heavily towards an exploration of our relationships with nature. she exploits the perceived notions of fragility and delicacy in regards to a permanent, industrial materials such as porcelain, threads and paper and comparing and contrasting these ideas with the reality of our fragile ecosystems and our connections {or a lack of} to living beings other than ourselves.

simiya has worked with children of all ages and backgrounds through work as a teaching artist in a variety of St. Louis institutions and has exhibited her art work on the local and national level.


she has been collaborating with the collective and carrying her work in the gallery through the beginning stages. So, why not make it official? Simiya brings great talent and skills to the collective and we look forward to future projects!

Come to her FELTED SOAP Workshop from 12-2 on October 23rd! Register by emailing yeyoarts@gmail Attn: Felted Soap

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