Interpretations of Drawings
by Nuit Nia Nah Tumpe.
Spiritual teacher and counselor.

The workshop will help you to
*identify your negative past experience
*help you overcome or identify negative issues in your present
*help you identify who you really are
*help you identify who you are portraying

A goal setting technique through drawings will also be demonstrated. You will be able to see and experience what you may not have been able to see through traditional goal setting.

$22.20 per person to attend this powerful workshop
This Saturday from 3-5pm!

Nuit Nia Nah Tumpe is Pastor and Founder of Abyssinian The Empowerment Center a interdenominational God based teaching center. You can contact her at Abyssiniancc@yahoo.com

RSVP at yeyoarts@gmail.com

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