Womyn's Creative Circle

The Womyn's creative circle, turned out to be a beautiful event. Thank you all who came out and shared your creativity! Of course, here are just a couple of pictures of the night, but look out for more photos on our facebook page. We created collage, a collaborative painting and people contributed to our blue jean quilt in the making! We look forward to hosting another creative circle next month and look forward to sharing with new faces.

-The vegan cook that shared her cuisine was Sheila Pryor, a local caterer and community builder.

-The magnificent henna artist is Anneliese Hubbard. She is a dancer, clothing designer and jewelry maker. We carry many of her creations at Gya.

-With musical performance by the talented and intense Blue! To purchase her prelude CD, please stop by Gya! They are only $7. She will be performing at the upcoming Reggie Clemmon's Bday bash to be held at Gya on October 30th!

-The blue jean quilt design was lead by Andrea Hughes.

-The collaborative painting was initiated by Dail C.

& the host? Chinyere Oteh, with support by Dail C.

One of the most empowering happenings of the night? One of the adult students from Jean Brantley's silk scarf making course sold her first scarf creation! Congrats to Helen!
... and the relationships keep on organically forming!

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