Reggie Clemons Bday Bash!

Here are just a few pics of the Reggie Clemons Bday Bash. Chinyere and Dail were happy to host the Organization for Black Struggle. To find out more about the Reggie Clemons case visit justiceforreggie.com. To help fight for Reggie's freedom, please download a petition and have it completed by your family,friends and neighbors.

About the Case:

Reggie Clemons is a 39 year-old African-American man sentenced to
death in Missouri after an unfair trial biased in favor of execution.
There are many significant and troubling questions about who
committed the crime for which Reggie was sentenced to death.
Reggie’s case is filled with many injustices, including police brutality,
gross prosecutorial misconduct and ineffective defense counsel.


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