Opening for "I Am America" on Saturday July 17th!

I Am America
An exhibition of works created by
New Orleans Artist Siphne Sylve
Exhibition runs from July 17th – August 30th.

Opening Saturday, July 17th 7-9:30pm
With musical performance by members of
Artistik Approach
Community Art & Fine Craft
2700 Locust Ave, STL Mo 63103
*in Locust Business District, 1 block west of Jefferson
Yeyoarts.blogspot.com/ yeyoarts@gmail.com
The Artist’s Statement:
This series will present the faces of American people who have struggled, fought, and died to achieve greatness not only for themselves but for their people and our nation. The purpose of this series is to function primarily as a reminder of the American history and heroes who are often forgotten and overlooked, while also standing as a source of inspiration.
This series is executed through several portraits, inspired by earlier artists such as Aaron Douglass who often depicted his fellow peers in hopes of inspiring his people. The “I Am America” series is a collection of watercolor and ink drawings and paintings.
Overall, I aspire for this series to serve as a means to uplift and inform our fellow Americans, of all creeds, but specifically our young African Americans; as an encouragement to continue to strive for excellence in the spirit of continuing a legacy of Black leaders.

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