We Gladly welcome our internship collaboration, Angie is amazing! She is a hands on woman, expressive person and a practicing painter.

When she isn't creating in paint & printmaking, she's involved in community arts and outreach. She is currently a Fontbonne student, recently tranferring from St. Louis Community College, Flo Valley. If you are interested in seeing her work stop by GYA or find her at local events such as Wall Ball or Art Underground.

She will be diving into arts based research. Her choice of subject is Joseph Beuy's and social sculpture. I look forward to learning about other social movements that has been inspired by this concept. Return to read more of her findings in the world of social art.
*Definitely check out projectrowhouses.org

Our internship programs at YeyoArts are uniquely structured to create learning opportunities for emerging professionals and meet the standards of our mission. We would like to invite college level juniors and seniors, recent graduates and graduate students to join our arts based internship program.

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