Cowry Collective Meeting @ GYA

The cowry collective plans to make "change" through the practice of time shares! This small group, lead by Chinyere Oteh plans their first meeting at GYA @ 2700 Locust May 8th. If you are interested im attending please join us! Contact chinyereoteh@gmail.com for more information.
THE COWRY COLLECTIVE Creating a positive network among people of African descent in the greater St. Louis area who practice the Nguzo Saba through time banking (exchanging your skills and services with others for skills and services you want or need)
I am excited about my new membership to the group.-Dail

This 1st orientation will give you the opportunity to learn more about time banking and how it will positively impact St. Louis and all members involved. Come and meet other members, fill out a new member form and join our Yahoo group so you can officially start making free exchanges for services you need. Bring interested friends and family.

More info about timebanks on Goodmorning America: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uR8ArHGgA7A&feature=player_embedded

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