Garden Face Project.

It has been a long road for the Gardenface project and we are glad to see it transform, expand and inspire. Thank you to our collaborator Ramen for being such a diligent and respectable partner in this process. Thank you to Will, Lindsay and Alice for dedicating their creative vision too! The visionaries of this project Tiggy, Amma, Ani and Luna were able to actualize a great idea thanks to all of the wonderful support!

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  1. On behalf of the students of Walbridge Community Education Center, the neighbors in the surrounding houses, those that "happened-by and lent-a-hand", and mySelf - I thank you all! Not only for what can be seen with the eye, but also for the inner'g that was tilled into the soil as this project manifested from the hearts of the young ladies (Tiggy, Amma, Ani, and Luna), through the hands of the countless volunteers - all of whom were inspired by Dail's vision.

    It is now the community's project and it is their CommonUnity that must see it forward. Bless you all for your spirits. Namaste.