Why I Love Africa, Brother Amenra

Lecture/Book Signing

Date: April 17th 7pm-9pm

Place: Gya, Community Art and Fine Crafts

Included: Food


I was fortunate enough to make my first trip to Africa at the age of 22! After my first trip to Egypt I wanted to go to Africa again and again. As a result, my life and level of consciousness changed. Traveling to Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana & Israel gave me invaluable experiences. African culture is so rich! My experiences in these great lands are in this book and I hope my stories help to motivate more black people in America to travel to Africa to experience African culture at its roots. Traveling to Africa made me love and appreciate the culture of black people even more.

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  1. Thank You Brother Amenra, the book signing/lecture was a huge success. The spiritual food that we received was unmeasurable. You are always welcomed within the womb of Gya, Community Arts and Fine Crafts.

    Peace and Blessings