Pro Life Billboard is a Racist Attack

If you have not already heard the news: Yeyo Arts Collective stands against the Missouri Life advertisements that has been put up in north St. Louis, reading "The most dangerous place for the African American is the womb." As positive mothers and leaders we definitely disagree, and believe that the advertisement is disgusting!

With over half of our collective members and collaborators living and working in the area of North St. Louis, it is a repeated daily reminder that racism is still very much alive in the town of St. Louis!

The advertisement stands on Jefferson and Cass and also on Florissant Rd. and N. Kingshwy. We are generally not in the business of campaigning against causes, as we believe our daily interactions are living testaments to our commitment in the community. However, this blatant attack can not go without focus!

How do our CHILDREN internalize what they read as they drive by, walk to Vashon or Blewitt?

If you are interested in getting the billboards down please send an email or CALL 573-635-5110 or fax letter to 573-635-9285. The owner of the billboards are still being established, but Gateway Advertisement has made it clear that they are not the owners. The alderwoman of the 5th ward has also taken a stance against the billboard advertisement.

We will keep you posted on more concrete organizing efforts. However, make sure that you spread the word and encourage creative, positive action. Sometimes it is hard for the individual to wait on large business organizations to make a move through politics. We encourage you to start your own petition in your neighborhood, church, and with colleagues. We will be having a letter writing party at Gya on Saturday evening from 6-9pm. Join US!

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