Little People Supporters

Friendly Outbursts and lots of giggles. Our little people supporters are a happy addition to our group!


Sage is a great inspiration to us all! She is the honorary contributor of "The Butterfly Party."

When a greatly anticipated event at one of our homes was brought to our attention we quickly redirected that wonderful vision to a place! ****dunn, dunnn, dunnn: Our Shared Office Space!!!**** Thank you Sage for that magnificent contribution to the growth of our group! We know how to turn those wishful party ideas into a regularly used fun space! two thumbs up.



GYA: 2700 Locust

I forgot to mention where we are located! 2700 Locust, right off of Jefferson. We are in the midst of both downtown and midtown & across from the Phyllis Wheatley Center. Blocks away from Nu Art Metropolitan Art Gallery, Fountain on the Locust and the midtown area!


We are excited to spread the word about our new "shop" of all trades. We will have a variety of initiatives in store so please stay tuned. Look forward to our Grand Opening coming up on May 1st. We have artists from Virgina, Chicago & Memphis as well as a diverse range of local artistry.

We are equally bubbling over with plans for creative sessions and social conversations so stay tuned.

We are seeking an intern. We will post further info within the next couple of weeks. Our group is deeply engaged and interested in the histories of our community and plan to honor past movements and actions. We believe in the importance of research, and have hopes that our perfect mate would flourish with this unique opportunity... But that's for another day. Will post more info soon....

MAY 1st!


Dorothy Atkins

"Art is a unity of self with the surrounding world. Therefore, art is everything encountered and felt."
-Dorothy Atkins is a fellow woman of all trades. She sculpts and paints, woodwork, metals, fabric design, you name it. It is wonderful to read such encouraging words from someone who first hand knows the artist's experience. I appreciate it, I hope you do too.


What is a Co-operative?

What is a co-OP?

a Co-op is a group of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.
Yeyo has gathered to not only meet OUR needs as a group, but also service the community through art, tutoring and business basic skills. We believe in the basic concept of "lifting as we climb," with that, we offer a variety of classes and events aimed for the revitalization of arts energy and sustainability.

So far co-operative has meant, to share each others talents, support each other's individual goals and come together; create refreshed ways to service the people around us.

We are excited about our prospective space, might I add!

This spring we are coming out with a bang! Yeyo members will be participating in Wall Ball, we are organizing National exhibitions, and we have a lot of learning sessions planned for the future... so look out for the beginning of May!

for me: I am excited to be involved with those who are so creative and dedicated. =)



Thank you for visiting our blog! We are a fresh collective located in St. Louis, Mo. Our mission is to empower women in the arts and assist young creatives in sustaining their creative drive! We are in the process of securing a location and will update the blog regularly. We hold regular meetings at Dail Chambers' studio and throughout the St. Louis community and will post future meetings here!